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This adds 5 species of Kiwi birds into your game, most of them can be found in the reach and near it

The five species are;

Great Spotted Kiwi: The largest species. Can Be found the east part of the reach.

Northern Brown Kiwi: North of the reach.

Little spotted kiwi: the smallest species. Can found near the river ways of the reach.

Southern Brown Kiwi: Nearly as big as the Great Spotted Kiwi. Can be found south of the reach and the Falkreath hold. Theyre similar to the Northern Brown kiwi, only that its lighter in color.

Okarito Kiwi: Slightly smaller than the Northern Brown Kiwi. It has a grayish tint, and it found outside of the reach to the east, but near the reach at the same time.

i’ve marked their range locations so that you can see where they might be

They have custom loot and they dont alter the leveled lists in anyway.

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