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KS Hairdo’s Transparency Fix by Ruhadre[/center][/b][/size]

Well, here I go modding again, lol



This mod takes inspiration from KS Hairdo’s – Witness Transparency Fix for SSE

Except that I applied this fix to every single mesh that could need it.  Meshes that had a 0 threshold in NiAlphaProperty had it changed to 40.  This setting brings the meshes in line with all the others in the original mod without drastically changing any appearances.  Having a 0 threshold causes eye invisibility, not to mention harms the aesthetic of hair by making thin strands appear thicker than they need to be.

53 female meshes found and fixed

13 male meshes found and fixed


Requires KS Hairdo’s Renewal 1.5a

Install the female and/or male meshes from here over the original meshes.  Easy as pie!

Future Plans:

Will provide additional patches for Breast-Weighted Hair and HDT hair versions in the future.  Meshes are already made, just need to do testing before release.


Kalilies and Stealthic for KS Hairdo’s Renewal

Custom22 for giving me the idea

Artsick for bringing this to my attention

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