Kveldulf Vourdalak Dovah Super Wolf Companion

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-U can find him in riften, at the bee and barb inn 

-U will learn spells automaticly once u started the game with mod installed and hit him with the spell kveldulf follow 🙂 

-U can decide rest with other spells 



Guardian Function: 

-When u use dismiss spell he will stay there and guard place protect villages from hostile npc, and u can summon him anytime with his special item’s 

 which u will get by crafting or from his inventory. 



-these spells use vanilla voice command scripts and… CAN AFFECT ANY NPC… altrough can be funny pls use them only with KVELDULF, to avvoid possible futture issues like breaking quest or so… depends wich npc… u will strike and what u will do… U HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! 



 -if u hit him with wait spell please to make him follow u again use the same spell again and not other, and if u wanna use it on other npc’s make sure at least kveldulf is last wich was used on, to avoid… not responding problems, this only if u wanna spam and build armyes of… any npc u encounter xd, 

but pls… try use only on !!!WOLF ONLY!!!






Kveldulf Wolf form: 

-as u will see in the pictures his wolf form has various powers, wich will be enhanced once he transforms. 


-he can breath fire and frost and other rare atack’s 

-he can summon other special wolfes frost and flame types


Kveldulf Vourdalak Werewolf form: 


-he can breath super fire and super frost and other special slash atack’s. 


I leave the pictures say the rest 🙂  




Simply install with nmm, i never used vortex so idk, but should work with it too since all files are same types. 





None if u use it corectly and dont use dovabear toghether with this mod. 






Everything except dovabear mod.  






Special thx to a friend who helped me with BSA file (texture and script patch) 


maymay1588 and zeroeternalz for dovabear assets mod (huge thx) 


-Kif Kroker/gorelus89/Oblivionlivio21- 


white werewolf textexture base and teeth 




wolf base texture  


-Bethesda- Skyrim & werewolf base mesh and tetxures 


-Bersark93-warpaints and eyes and english help(will correct errors soon) 


Pls let me know if i missed something.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97391

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