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Since I’ve been roleplaying my latest character as a blacksmith, I decided to build her an own home in Kynesgrove. And maybe there are also a few other people out there who can enjoy this simplistic mod 🙂 

In the exterior you can find all the blacksmith workbenches (except for smelter, which is next to the mine), and the interior is designed in a very simple and non-magical way, so no alchemy or enchanting. There‘s only a cooking pot, two weapon racks, a mannequin and a bookshelf, and a bed which your spouse can use if you installed Spouses CanLive Everywhere.

Credits to:

lolikyonyu – LoliceptResources

Oaristys – Modder‘sResource Pack

Blary – BookSetsResource, OpenBooksResource, AlchemyClutter Resource

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