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P.S.A. After having spent the last 16 hours on this, I think I have wrinkled out all the mistakes & bugs. That being said; I am lacking sleep right now, so if you find something please let me know.[/b][/size][/center][/color][/size][/color]

I originally started this Mod because I hated “Power Shot”, that damn 50% stagger ability that you [/size][/color]HAD [/size][/color]to pick if you wanted to get to “Quick Shot”. The only problem is; Power Shot is seemingly overpowered; and taking it just kinda ruined the whole skill tree for me.

I eventually came to the conclusion not to entirely nerf Power Shot, incase I eventually, or someone else wants it, but I’ve made it so other perks don’t have to rely on it and have added more levels of choice within the skill itself. The consequence of this is that it isn’t available so early on & so instantly powerful; but to somewhat make up for this you can now reach 60% chance if you want to take it that far; albeit at a much higher skill requirement than before.[/color][/color][/size][/color]

This was the catalyst; but what started as a single goal quickly dominoed into a overhaul of the entire tree. One sleepless night later and here is the result[/size][/color][/size][/color]:[/size][/color]

= Unchanged

Red = New

Orange = Requirement Change

Yellow = Info

** = Reshuffled

#. = Rank

[#] = Skill Requirement



1.  [0]    Bows do 20% more damage.

2.  [20] 
Bows do 40% more damage.

3.  [40]  Bows do 60% more damage.

4.  [60]  Bows do 80% more damage

5.  [80]  Bows do 100% more damage.[/color]

6.  [100] Bows do 120% more damage.

Critical Shot  (Reqs. Overdraw 0.)

1. [/color] [25]  [/color]10% chance of a critical hit that does extra damage. Down from [30] [/color]

2.  [50] [/color] 15% chance of a critical hit that does extra damage. Down from [60][/i][/color]

3.  [75][/color]  20% chance of a critical hit that does 50% more critical damage. Down from [90][/i][/color]

4.  [100] 25% chance of a critical hit that does 75% more critical damage.

Hunter’s Discipline  (Reqs Critical Shot 1.)[/color]

1.  [50]  Recover twice as many arrows from dead bodies.

2.  [100] Recover three times as many arrows from dead bodies.

Ranger (Req. Hunter’s Discipline.)

1.  [60] Able to move faster with a drawn bow.

Quick Shot**  (Reqs. Overdraw 1.)[/color]

1 . [25]  Can draw a bow 15% faster.

2.  [50]  [/color]Can draw a bow 30% faster. Down from [70][/i][/color]

3.  [75]  Can draw a bow 45% faster.

Room for Rank 4. [100] @ 60% Faster, if its wanted. Personally I think it’s OTT. Let me know if you desperately want it.

Eagle Eye**  (Reqs. Quick Shot 1.)[/size]

1.  [30]  Pressing Block while aiming will zoom in your view. Quick Shot (1) now superscedes in terms of position but no change in level Reqs.[/i][/color][/color]

2.  [60]  Pressing Block while aiming will further zoom in your view, if Crouched.

Steady Hand.   (Reqs. Eagle Eye 1.)[/color]

1.  [40]  Zooming in with a bow slows time by 25%.

2.  [50]  Zooming in with a bow slows time by 50%.

I dabbled with changes to this skill but eventually it felt unnecessary. 66% and 75% both still felt “too strong” pretty much making my sensitivity unplayable.

Tempered Focus  [New Skill][/color][/i][/color]  [/color](Reqs, Eagle Eye 1.) [/color][/size]

1.  [50]  25% Less stamina consumption while zoomed.

2.  [75]  50% Less stamina consumption while zoomed.

Power Shot** (Reqs. Eagle Eye 1.)

1. [60] Arrows stagger all but the largest opponents 20% of the time.

2. [80] Arrows stagger all but the largest opponents 40% of the time. Up from [60][/i][/color][/color][/color] while % is down from 50.

3. [100][/color] Arrows stagger all but the largest opponents 60% of the time.


1.  [100]  15% chance of paralyzing the target for a few seconds. (Reqs. Ranger or Power Shot 1.)

May have a think as to what maybe more can be done but I feel this is pretty good without doing too much or too little.

It should be compatible with everything unless you have another mod that changes the Archery skill.

I personally use a lot of mods and havent had any issues.

If you do have another mod that changes the skill tree, whichever mod loads last I believe will be in your game.

I reccomend with either a fresh save (Yeah right!) or;

Save your game, then remove all your current perks, using the console command

player.removeperk 58F62
Here is an entire list of perk id’s (Use Ctrl+F to find each perk and then remove.)

Or in the game console type
help “Power Shot”

As an example, it will give you the id. Then giving yourself back a Skill Point for each perk removed, best way would be using SkyTweak under the “Misc” tab. First option. A great mod to have none the less anyway, even if you don’t end up using it for anything else. Which I doubt you won’t find something else to tweak while you’re in there ;).

(This isn’t necessary but you will have a lot of higgldy piggldy perks otherwise.)

Archery Mods I use & reccomend;

Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Arrows & Bolt Tweaks

Belt Fastened Quivers

[/url]Auto Unequip Ammo

Ultimate Spinning Arrows

Closer Quivers & Longer Arrows

The Huntsman & Redux Patch

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