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This mod adds a custom female armor set to the game. The idea was to have a slightly more imperial feminine armor that fits the backstory of my character. (Shes an imperial fangirl/ fanatic that bleeds imperial red.) Its not exactly military issue. 

This adds a set including armor, boots, gloves, cloak with optional hood, and circlet.  The circlet has two sizes: regular and large for more voluminous hairstyles.


Skyrim SKSE (For heels) See below:

Netimmerse Overide

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio


AddItemMenu -must have for modders and cheaters!

Body Slots MCM – good for knowing what body slots you are using


Use a mod manager (mod organizer recommended)

Run bodyslide and build the meshes.


1. Extract the archive

2. Copy the contents of the archive in your Skyrim Data folder

3. Open the Skyrim launcher and check the Lady_Imperial.esp in the Data Files section

4. Run bodyslide and build the meshes. Type lady then hit  batch build. Choose htd or regular. Double check install location.


1. Uncheck the esp plugin

2. Delete all files that came with the mod


Thanks to…


Nightasy for his awesome tutorial videos

Joe Pikop a.ka. SoMuchMonsters for his weapon tutorials

aMidianBorn ebony armor texture

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