Lagertha and Aslaug from Vikings

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I made a game as Ragnar and I used this mod Lagertha of the Vikings Face Preset and FOLLOWER It looks really good but you cannot marry her. I tried hard to edit it so that she was marriable but nothing worked so I made my own mod. This adds Lagertha and Aslaug from the Vikings TV show to your game inside Dragonreach in Whiterun. They are both marriable followers. The pictures use my bodyslide preset and increase the women’s height. That will not be in your game unless you download those mods. 

 If you used Nexus Mod Manager and it won’t work then try extracting the file to your Skyrim/Data/ directory then opening your launcher and activate the mod through there, or through the Bethesda mod manager. If it’s not showing up to install in NMM try copying the archive it to Nexus Mod ManagerSkyrimMods  and restarting NMM. My mods have problems with NMM and other people have had problems with it

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