Leggendary Edition Skyrim Runes Overhaul

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Fire frost and storm rune X2 damage from 50 mag to 100 alsow explosions ignore resistances so be sure it ill hit when exlode, make them effective vs hight                                                       level or stronger enemyes, but some specific enemyes may resist rune effects, for immersion.


Frienzy steam and poison runes from dlc’s Enhanced damage from 1 magnitude… (seriously 1… bethesda…) to 25 and affects hitted npc for 25 seconds 

                                                          ignore esistances for damage and explosion as well make them effective vs hight level or op enemyes, but not effects to keep                                                                immersion 


Numbers of runes: u can now have 10 runes at the same time instead of default, even all tipes of runes toghether etc, u got it, build a deadly trap! 


Runes range: from 20 to 50, little more than double… i’ve seen mod’s who made it 99999… seriously? XD 


Let me know if i missed a rune… if so pls tell me the spell id on comments, i will add it immediatly, or alsow if too op or too low i will release an update 



The stop rune… i cant find that spell’s id… people say’s is from another mod… of someone know please post id in comments so i can add it too. Thx and enjoy. 


This is a vanilla runes version, unqiue runes version will came in future with additional effects and tweacks.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97198

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