lerabones Thor – God of Thunder – A MCU Inspired Follower

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Based on the Thor preset/sculpt made by lerabones

Preset/Sculpt used with permission.

Thor is a Marvel[/url] inspired follower.

*Will automatically equip helm during battle*

Location:  Windhelm, Palace of the Kings

Levels with player.

Tested with AFT, EFF, Nethers

ENB:  Rudy

Version 1 – Long Hair, Heavy Armor

Version 2 – Short Hair, Warpaint, Light Armor

There are also two options for weapons.  

-Regular Mjolnir With Custom Spell

-Throwing Mjolnir option which includes the regular and a throwing Mjolnir

(I recommend the regular version because the throwing one can look funky at times)

*For Those Unaware of Thor, here is a video that I watched frequently during creation*

*Additional Battle Test videos available under Videos Tab*



Schlongs of Skyrim

(Some users reported that it was a hard requirement;

while others had no issues without it)

Facelight Plus

Are You There


Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

SOS (NSFW Site)[/url]

Slight Head/Body discoloration on certain ENBs

The Throwing Mjolnir can look funky at times due to my

attempt to make it look like it returns to his hand.

Not happy with it so I would recommend the 

No Throwing Option




Skyrim Mods & Modders[/url]

Q:  Why do a Q & A?

A:  I have no freaking clue

Q:  Why do you make so many followers?

A:  I’m a follower hoarder/addict; since there is no Followers Anon I only have Nexus.

Q:  Will you release the Racemenu preset?

A:  Original Preset/Sculpt is located here

Q:  Why does the throwing Mjolnir look so odd or perform badly?

A:  Because I tried to imitate Junk’s throwing glaive and I failed horribly.

A:  I strongly recommend the non throwing option

Q:  “Insert Complaint Here” doesn’t match Thor at all.

A:  Between permissions and lack of knowledge, Thor will not be exact to

whatever reference you are comparing him to.

A:  Exact Armors are property of Marvel related games hence permission would be needed to port

A:  3D programs and I are not best friends therefore making my own is out

of the question at the moment.

Q:  Can I use “insert asset here” in my own mod?

A:  No.  My apologies but that is not an option without

a specific conversation regarding the asset.

A:  Many people assisted with the custom assets and

other assets were used with explicit permissions elsewhere.

Q:  Will you change *insert request here*?

A:  I have no intentions on doing individual requests.

Q:  Do you take requests, suggestions, complaints?

A:  I’m open to all requests, suggestions, and feedback as long as they are polite.

Q:  Why isn’t this Q & A funny?

A:  Because I’m a boring person *shrugs shoulders*

Thor Racemenu Preset

Expressive Facial Animation


Vitruvia Skin

KS Hairdos

The Eyes of Beauty


Schlongs of Skyrim (NSFW Site)[/url]

Van Gogh’s Eyes

Xrayys HD Eye Normals

Smile in HD


Heart of Thunder – Ragnarok Edition

Highway Man Reward

CC’s Enhanced Ore Veins

Junk’s Glaive (Throwing Weapon Idea)

Ultra Cloak

Immersive Warpaint and Tattoos

3D Pubic Hair for CBBE and SOS

Invisibility Glitch – Eyes Fix

DividedByThe9s (Tavira Script)

Skyrimonion (Script Assistance)

Reddit Community

Countless Wiki Guides

Marvel Universe (Comics & Cinematic)







*If I forgot anyone please kindly remind me*

**Assets were not used from all above mentions but sometimes ideas/fixes were**

Do Not Upload to any other site without permission.

This follower is the combination of the work of others.  Please obtain their permissions in addition to mine.

Please No Converting For Consoles.[/font]

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97689

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