Less Confrontational Animals (For SkyTEST)

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This mod is meant for use with SkyTEST – Realistic Animals and Predators

If you are not using SkyTEST, you may want to look at Less Aggressive Animals instead.
That’s the mod that inspired this one!

For the SE version, get it here!

I’m doing a play-through with no fast travel, so I do a lot of riding around on the roads. Getting attacked every 20ft by bears or wolves started to get very tedious after a few hours, so I looked for a mod to fix this! Sadly a lot of animal-modifying mods don’t work with SkyTEST, but I really enjoy SkyTEST! So I made this and figured I’d share. 🙂

What It Does

In general, this mod lowers the aggro radius of most predators by about half, and lowers their confidence levels so they’re less likely to attack if you if they don’t stand a chance.

Maybe a matter of personal taste, but I also made an alternate aggro warning sound for wolves. After hearing the “Grrr..BarkBark!” from vanilla a gabilion times, I preferred something a little less repetitive and obnoxious. It’s probably not noticeable in vanilla because they attack before you get close enough for their aggro warning to repeat much, if at all. You can preview it or delete it if you don’t want it, from:

sound/fx/npc/wolf/aggrowarning/npc_wolf_aggrowarning_01.wav, 02.wav, and 03.wav.

They are just loose files and not necessary for the mod to function.

I also HIGHLY recommend No Predators on Roads, if like me, you plan to do plenty of road traveling! This is fully compatible (SkyTEST doesn’t edit vanilla animal spawn locations), it just doesn’t affect animals specifically added by SkyTEST, even so it still greatly lowers the amount of predators on the roads.

Be sure to load LCA after SkyTEST, or you won’t get the changes!


Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack – Compatible

SkyTEST Integration Project:

No Extra Spawns – Compatible

Creature Extension – Compatible (Load LCA after)

Immersive Horses – Compatible

Skyrim Immersive Creatures – Compatible*

Beasts of Tamriel – Compatible* 

Real Wildlife Skyrim – Compatible* 

Animallica – Compatible*

  *These are compatible for vanilla/SkyTEST animals, but LCA does not affect the additional creatures these mods add.

Known Issues

I haven’t encountered any yet, but let me know if you do!

Detailed List of Changes

Most animal’s confidence levels changed from Foolhardy/Brave to Average, unless they are meant to be Cowardly or Cautious.

Aggro ranges

Warn ————–> They will watch you closely.

Warn/attack —> They will make warning motions/sounds, if you do not back off soon, they will attack.

Attack ————> They will instantly attack

Race ———>  Warn Range – Warn/Attack Range – Attack Range

Animals included in the main file

Slaughterfish –> 2500/1500/1000 (Vanilla Attack on sight)

[font=Arial]Spider ———-> 2500/800/650 (Vanilla Attack on sight)

[/font]Skeever ——–> 2000/800/650 (Vanilla 3000/1500/1000, SkyTEST 1500/1000/800)

[font=Arial]Sabre Cat ——> 2000/600/500 (Vanilla 0/2000/1500, SkyTEST 2500/1000/800)

[/font][font=Arial]Wolves ———> 1500/550/450 (Vanilla 0/2000/1500, SkyTEST 2000/1000/800)

[/font][font=Arial]Bears ———–> 900/450/350 (Vanilla 2500/2000/1500, SkyTEST 2500/1000/800)

[/font][font=Arial]Mammoth ——> 800/450/325 (Vanilla 1024/750/325, SkyTEST 1024/750/325)

Horker ———> 800/400/300 (Vanilla 850/640/320, SkyTEST 850/640/320)

[/font][font=Arial]Mudcrabs —–> Passive

[/font][font=Arial]Goats ———-> Passive[/font]

Elk —————-> Passive

Non-animal creatures included in the optional file: Extras!

Ice Wraith
——-> 2500/1000/800 (Vanilla Attack on sight)

Spriggan ——–> 1500/1000/800 (Vanilla 2000/1500/1000)

Troll ————–> 2500/1000/800 (Vanilla Attack on sight)

Giants ———–> 1000/550/300 (Vanilla 1024/750/375)

The following have higher confidence levels and slightly higher aggro radius than others of their type:

- Mother animals, Bulls, and Pack Leaders. (Eg. Sabre Cat, Bear, Horker, Wolves) They are more protective!

- Ice/Snow variations. (Eg. Spider, Wolf, Sabre Cat, Bears) Harsher living conditions have made them more desperate!

- Large/Giant versions. (Eg. Spiders) They’re bigger than you…

I suck at video editing, so if anyone else wants to make a better example vid, you’re more than welcome! 😀

I’m sorry for attacking you animos! D: The internet demands example videos and I must comply! I was going to show friendly mudcrabs too, but the bear eated them… 🙁

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98236

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