Liam’s Armoured Mage Robes

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Adds enchanted and unenchanted armoured robes for each school of magic along with necromancy robes and normal armoured robes. They can be crafted at the Tanning Rack or Blacksmith Forge. Adds 6 new companions that can be found throughout the College of Winterhold. Thank you to AngryKarakuri for the screenshots.

The enchanted robes can be found fighting throughout dungeons containing warlocks/necromancers/mages.

The enchantments are as follows:

Alteration Robes of Ironflesh – Improves the caster’s armour rating when in combat.

Conjuration Robes of Summoning – Conjures a Flame Atronach when in combat.

Destruction Robes of Cloaking – When in combat, the caster is engulfed in a Flame Cloak.

Illusion Robes of Invisibility – Turns the caster invisible when sneaking.

Restoration Robes of Healing – Heals the caster when their health is low.

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