Life in Prison (with skill penalty) (Modified and Simplified) by ELAF (original by LAMANNA)

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Life in Prison (with skill penalty) Modified and Simplified

original by LAMANNA

“You can update it, add NPC, etc… But at least write me in Credits if you do so.”

In this Life in Prison (v2)

When you go to jail, you have to pay your crime value (10 gold per day)

Once you are in prison, You have 2 options

-Go to bed (1 day will pass and 10 gold of your crime value is substracted)

-Trying to unlock the door and escape

every day, when you wake, there is a chance that you lose 1 point of a random skill (20%)

and you’ll recieve an “old bread”, when you eat it, there is a chance that you’ll get a lockpick. (10%)

if you pay all your crime value (remember 10 gold per day) you will recieve a Freedom Letter (when you read it, you’ll be free)

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