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[font=Comic Sans MS]Light Armor Skill Addon[/font][font=Comic Sans MS]

Description: Everything about the Heavy Armor skill is superior. If you’re tired of the Light Armor skill’s few perks and don’t want to use an overly-excessive perk tree overhaul mod then this is for you. This mod applies three new perks to the Light Armor skill tree which makes it able to compete against the Heavy Armor skill tree.

Perks Added:

1) Endurance – Level 20: Carrying capacity increased by 25 when wearing only Light Armor. Level 30: Carrying capacity increased by 50 when wearing only Light Armor.

2) Free Fall – Level 50: Half damage from falling if wearing all Light Armor: head, chest, hands, feet.

3) Nimbleness – Level 60: Attacks are 20% faster when wearing only Light Armor.

Compatibility: Not compatible with mods that alter the Light Armor skill tree. Don’t ask me to make a patch.

Installation/Uninstallation: Install through a mod manager such as Mod Organizer 2 (MO2) or install manually by placing the mod in the “Data” folder of your Skyrim directory. Uninstall by removing it in the mod manager or deleting it in the “Data” folder.

Credits: I made this mod because no one else had. However, I used the mod Light Armor Tree–Unarmored Perks[/url] to give me some ideas while creating it. If you desire to upload my mod, acknowledge me as the original mod author. I only used the Creation Kit to develop this mod.

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Skyrim Special Edition Version: Light Armor Skill Addon SE


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