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Is anyone else tired of going to the forge to craft a particular weapon/armor and have to scroll for a solid minute because it is at the very end of a very long list? I am so I made this mod. This mod adds a book requirement for the gear to appear in the forge. It is part of a series of mods tweaks I will be releasing all doing the same thing to different armor/weapon mods that are on the nexus.


Q. Why?

A. Because I have a crap ton of armor/weapon mods installed and my forge list is absurdly long, I want to go to the forge and only see what I want to craft at that moment. If you have the crafting book it appears in the forge, if you don’t it doesn’t, easy enough for me.

Q. Does this change any crafting recipes?

A. If the original requires a perk, certain level, etc it is still required. This only adds a book requirement for it to appear in forge and a +/- item to further organize armor sets in the forge..

Q. Requirements?

A. This is pulling from multiple mods, you must download all of them for this to work.

I will warn you now, if you don’t like manipulating files this will not work for you.

I’ve included a readme/instructions file on what needs to be done. The minimum is 2 BSA extractions and file moves with optional NIF editing.

Light Elven Armor Merged

Light Elven Armor Crimson/Dark Crimson Retexture

Light Elven Armor Purple/Grey Rexture

Light Elven Armor Thalmor Retexture

Light Elven Armor Wood Retexture

Q. Why can’t I just modify all the parts and give it as 1 big download/why are you making me work for this?

Simple, I have zero skill in 3D modeling or texturing, the people who made all this deserve all the credit, even if it is simply a +1 on their view and download to their mod page but I really hope you endorse them as well.

Q. You do know the moment you said I have to more than click a few buttons you lost me right?

That’s your choice, this mod is purely a labor of love for an armor pack I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing.

I look at it this way, I’ve easily sunk 15+ hours into this, if you understand the instructions you can have the same setup in about 15-20 minutes.

Q. Why did you add XXX retexture?

I have enjoyed using this armor pack in my game so when I started this project I said I wanted every retexture the nexus had, so I did.

Q. Where do I find the book?

A. Belathor has it, I debated on putting it in the giant’s chest for laughs but decided against it.

Q. A Gear+ and Gear- appears in the forge, whats up with that?

A. Forge Menu Overhaul – this amazing idea was what I used originally in an attempt to shorten my forge list but I never got it working quite how I wanted so I

learned how it did it and replicated it for myself, the book idea actually came after from a number of DeserterX‘s mods when I realized I still had a massive list.

Q. Compatibility?

A. Belathor’s shop is the only worldspace issue, any mods that alter the recipes will conflict, refer to the below

question for solutions.

Q. I’ve downloaded a few of these now and I’m only seeing the book for one mod at Belathor’s shop!

A. Thank mod overwriting for that one, remember how a number of mods say put me last in the load order because of overwrites? Same issue. There are a few options

-Wyre Bash

-Mator Smash


-console – search “crafting” for all the books

Q. Why don’t you include a script or put the book somewhere else?

A. I can read and modify certain parts of esp in the creation kit but I suck balls at coding so scripts are out and the only other option I can see is to dump the book somewhere in the world and hope some other mods doesn’t edit that worldspace so back to the same issue. Also by putting it in Belathor’s shop if you accidentally sell/lose the crafting book you can go buy another one without have to use the console if you value immersion.

Q. You said this is a series, where are the rest?

A. Do a nexus file search for the term “booked” or checked out my Skyrim Smithing Booked for a master list, I am slowly adding these for gear as I have time.

Q. I like this idea, can you do xyz mod?

A. Maybe once I get the ones I have done and uploaded. If the mod already has a book requirement or the gear is not originally craftable the odds are low I’ll book it, the goal is to organize the forge and keep true to the original gear requirements, not make it a one stop shop for all gear.

Q. Can you show me how to do this?

A. Sure, I will be releasing a guide for the process once I get screenshots and all that done, when that will be is another question, wonderful real life tends to keep me busy. If you want to try learning yourself before I get to that dig into the creation kit with one of Deserter X‘s armor packs for how do to the books and play with FMO, that’s how I learned.

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