Like A Moss – Whiterun Moss Fix (Reupload)

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Like A Moss – Whiterun Moss Fix

for Legendary Edition

This mod contains a handful of meshes that fix a number of issues with the moss on the walls of Whiterun. The original description of the mod states that these meshes fix: “the moss positioning so it does not glitch out or disappear,” and “the transparency blending of the moss so it does not look ‘cut off’ in some places.”

Who made these meshes?

– Created by Bethesda (< 2011)

– Unknown modifications made by the USKP team (< 2015)

– Unknown fix implemented on the guard tower mesh by SparrowPrince (< 2015)

– Moss positioning and transparency fixed by arronus (2015)

And then, at some point, just like Whiterun’s moss in the vanilla game, this mod simply vanished into thin air. Well, I think this fix should live on. I think the Skyrim modding community should look upon the walls of Whiterun no longer with disgust, but with pride–for the individuals who put in the hard work to fix these meshes, and for all those noobs out there who thought they just installed a bad texture pack or something.

Ok… how do I install them?

Download with your favorite mod manager and install as normal. There are no plugins or bsa’s to worry about, just a handful of loose mesh files. This mod should be compatible with everything, but it’s possible that another mod might at some point edit the same meshes in the future, in which case some files will get overwritten one way or the other. I found a whopping zero conflicts in my load order. For those curious, a list of mods that I can confirm do not alter these meshes can be found in the spoiler section below:


Some mods that don’t edit these meshes:

Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM)

Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB

Ruins Clutter Improved

High Poly Project

Forgotten Retex Project

Enhanced Textures Detail (UV Tweaks)

Enhanced Lights and FX (including Exteriors)

JK’s Whiterun / JK’s Skyrim

It’s also rare to find texture packs that include meshes, so this shouldn’t be a concern, but I saw no conflicts with:

Skyrim Realistic Overhaul, Noble Skyrim 2K, Vivid Landscapes, Whiterun HD, or Skyland – Whiterun

All of the above mentioned mods are highly recommended by the way! 😉

Credits and Permissions

This mod was made by arronus. I just re-uploaded it after it went mysteriously missing for quite some time.

From the original mod page: “Credit: SparrowPrince for providing the fixed guard tower mesh and letting me use the gif for this object.”

For the same reason that I could upload these meshes here, having no hand in making them, these fixed Bethesda meshes should be considered a modder’s resource and used / included in any mod you would like to make. Spread them far and wide. For the love of Talos, let’s just not have any more moss bugs, ok?

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