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[font=Times New Roman]Lilith was born into a world of lies and corruption. Vampires were always looked upon as evil. At a young age, she was beaten by her drunk father numerous times as her mother watches in horror. Eventually, the beatings left a scar on her face as torn flesh revealed her inner skin. She would sneak around behind her father’s back and train with her friend Kalo’s who was an expert in all combat training. However, Kalo’s could see her stubbornness and sometimes the non-willing behavior for his training.  “Why must I constantly polish these old and dirty urns?” She would say to him. He would have her polish them one by one with only one hand at a time in a circular motion. “This is not anything to do with fighting Master! I want to fight!” she exclaimed. Then one day in a feast of anger he grabbed her by the wrists and showed her what all the polishing skills she had known would be a vile knowledge only a few had known to fend off the attack of an enemy. It was that point on that she respected and admired his teachings. The day eventually came when her father came home drunk in a rage after finding Lilith had been sneaking away and raised his hand to hit her and she quickly blocked it and sank a dagger into his throat. “It is done mother, it is done”. “Now you can find peace elsewhere while I will seek redemption of any evil in this godforsaken world!” And so, Lilith set out in the world at a young age and was last seen at the Broken Helm Hollow cave, hiding from a world that hated her for being different and until she could fulfill her purpose…

Her face was custom created in Photoshop to have an eerie, veiny effect to resemble an inner glowing scar. I also decided to make my own somewhat glowing eyes custom.  Her fangs are custom and longer than standard fangs. And finally, I retextured  Auriel’s Bow to suit my taste’s. 


[/font][font=Times New Roman]Location: Broken Helm Hollow (coc brokenhelmhollow01)

Race: Nord Vampire



Height: 1.0

Weight: 100

Class: Spellsword

Perks: Lightfoot

Spells: Vampire Drain

[/font][font=Times New Roman]Weapon’s: Reanimated Corpse Staff,[/font] [font=Times New Roman]Auriel’s Bow[/font]

 Armor: Vanilla

[font=Georgia]CREDITS: [/font]

KS Hairdo’s

Fair Skin Complexion

Vampire leather armor set

Lustmord Vampire Armor

Ripped BodySuit

Torch Staff

Snapdragon Prime

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