Lily Armor As Replacer DB or TG Armor

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I dont have time to play skyrim this time. so i dont have many screenshot to upload this time, since the original author of lily armor Pottoply already given me the permission, i would like share this mod

This armor using UNP HDT, so you will get the bounce when wear it, it will work with CBBE body so dont worry. it has 4k texture as well, good for rogue/thief/assassin gameplay

Dont Forget to Use Toggle Helmet Mod, I dont do anything with original hood of this 2 armor, so it will appear vanilla original hood, just hide it with Toggle Helmet mod, link below :

Toggle Helmet

Original Mod here :

Lily Armor Skyrim

Lily Armor Skyrim Special Edition

SPECIAL THANKS To Pottoply For The Permission

Original URL:

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