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stand-alone follower Lilym / by mark.two

Version 1.0.000

(1)About this mod

Thanks for your downloading.

This mod adds a stand alone follower “Lilym”.

 * She’s around the market of Whiterun.

 * She fights with weapons and magic (recovery, summon Familliar).

 * She is not militant and not very useful in battle (Unaggressive).

 * She will not die.

 * She has a child voice.

A destination in this mod is only to take a cute girl as a follower and walk.

Please travel to various places and take a picture together!


 * Skyrim +

 * SKSE 1.6.9 +

 * Enhanced Character Edit

If possible, I recommend that you introduce ENB to improve image quality.


Please use Nexsus Mod Manager.


This mod is including any other mod’s files.

  DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99

  Enhanced Character Edit by tktk1

  Fair Skin Complexionby HHaleyy

  HepsyHair by Hepsy

  MikanEyes by nerune

I’ll be thankful to these application manufacturers.

I consulted a lot of Web sites in application making.


For other mod makers to have a right for original data, redistribution is prohibited.

(6)Known bugs

 * Mesh of a wrist and an ankle slips, so please be always equipped with clothes.

 * A follower is the underwear form by initial condition.

 * There is no sound in some speeches.

 * When talking with Lilym, if you do not have the option to become a friend, please reload the data.

(7)Change log

Version 1.00.000 (2016.01.04) — First release.

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