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IntroOne of the big issues with Skyrim is your ability to be the best at everything. Even if you try to play a strict style you’ll usually spec into at least a few trees for certain key perks. This mod won’t make those perks less useful but it will force you to really choose which ones are worth it, and if you want more you’ll have to work hard.

DescriptionLimited Perk trees lets you choose 2 primary and 3 secondary skill trees to take perks in and locks the rest. You still gain levels in locked skills, just no perks.

When you make a skill legendary you get another tree depending on what you reset, up to 2 more primary and secondary (so a max of 4 primary and 5 secondary). Making a locked skill legendary will not give you a new tree, it must be one you put a perk into.

Primary trees are:






One Handed

Two Handed


Secondary trees are:

Light Armor

Heavy Armor









Also available for SSE![/url]

(Un)Installation InfoI wouldn’t install this mid save, especially if you’ve already unlocked perks in some trees.

I also wouldn’t uninstall this mid save, you might lose the first perk in each tree you’ve unlocked.

Currently there are Vanilla and Ordinator versions. I will make patches for other mods if requested but I’d prefer if you try to do it yourself first and I’ll add your version here, especially for custom perk mod combinations. I included detailed instructions in the mod on how to make your own version.

FAQCan I use your mod for x?

Go for it, just credit me for anything you use please.

Why can’t I get a new tree for a double legendary/legendaries on trees I haven’t unlocked?

Coding limitations. I could probably make it work but it took me long enough to make this in the first place. If I ever make large changes I’ll consider it.

This doesn’t work and you broke my game!

Maybe, but please research it before commenting. I’ve made it very clear how to install this and the conditions for doing so, so if you comment that you installed the vanilla version on an Ordinator save you’ve been playing for a month on I’m gonna ignore you 🙂

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