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Changes racial passives and racial powers to be more favorable to all races with a logical view on it. This is NOT going to give you a real edge on the game, but I hope it will provide a reason to try the other races because if you are like me you always choose Breton or etc. I did what I don’t think anyone else has yet to do by making logical changes to racial passives. For example, Nord is now aimed through passive bonuses to be a warrior, Orcs are now more like barbarians, Khajiit are even more like thieves, etc. See Change logs below. 

What this mod changes in detail. 

High elf   +5 in destruction -5  illusion (Mage class)

Argonian +10 alchemy -5 lockpicking -5 alteration -5 restoration +5 Archery +5 One hand weapons (assassin class)

Wood Elf +5 One hand weapons -5 Alchemy (Increased Animal command to a much much higher degree which should affect MUCH higher level animals also increased effect to 5 minutes) (Archer class)

Breton     +10 destruction -5 conjuration -5 speech +5 Alteration (Wizard class)

Dark elf   -10 destruction +10 One-handed  (this makes the Dunmer more like Morrowind IMO) (spellcasting illusion assassin)

Imperial  -5 Restoration +10 Speech -5 Enchanting +5 light armor -5 destruction +5 one-handed (Imperials are now, even more, go lucky! +10% Fire resist, ice resist and the only race to resist Shock 15%) (Righteous warrior class)

Khajiit No stat changes but Khajiit can now use their cat senses to detect enemies! Cat scratch fever +15 unarmed damage (3 points up) (Thief Class)

Nord       -10 two-hand +5 One-handed -5 speech +5 sneak +5 Heavy Armor (Infantry class)

Orc          -5 Heavy armor -5 enchanting +5 archery +5 Two-handed +5 Smithing (now a real force to be reckoned with) (Barbarian class) 

Redguard – 5 alterations +5 sneak -5 destruction +10 light armor (Light infantry)

All races still get only 35 points as bonuses. No cheats here just more logical changes.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97727

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