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Forsworn Edition


This mod began as a journal that my character was keeping with the wonderful Take Notes mod (highly recommended). I wanted to roleplay as a Reachman and found it both exciting and frustrating. The way of their people at first seems to be one of wanton violence and terror, but if you learn more about them you discover something deeper. This was exciting for me, because the subjects of religion, history, and culture are ones that interest me greatly. 

However, the lore of these people is severely limited. I wanted to discover all I could about them. But there wasn’t much to discover. This frustrated me, as their story seemed deserving of a greater appreciation in the books, NPCs and locations of Skyrim. 

Thus, this mod was born. What started as a simple mod to add a few books quickly expanded, and I began imagining people and places that would add to the depth of the story I wish to tell. 

~ Features ~

- 12 books, complete with original custom textures, generated normal maps, content images and approximately 7000 words of original text. 

– A fully voiced NPC with a talented voice actor that will sell you these new books and hand-picked vanilla books, send you on errands and give rewards for your help. (NPC is a work in progress, he will not currently appear in game)

– Several new locations to discover and explore (Work in progress)

A note on lore:

This mod seeks to expand on the lore surrounding the people of the Reach, fleshing out an area of the lore that I believe deserved a bit more attention. By its very nature, any expansion to the lore is by definition, not lore friendly. That being said, I have tried my best to make these expansions as lore friendly as possible by deriving the concepts and stories I have added from canon lore, presenting them in a way that is logically connected to the existing vanilla lore in an easy-to-explain way. 

The Histories of Reachmen, Vol. 1-3 (Lore friendly)

These books are intended to be fully lore-friendly, telling the canon history of the Reachmen in a way that hasn’t been done in any vanilla game. Although the author does take an opportunity to inject his opinion in the Addendum at the end of Volume 3. There are also areas where an expansion of lore was necessary to provide continuity to the story. For example, there is no recorded genesis of the Reachmen as a culture. Areas where this type of expansion were necessary are normally preceded by a phrase such as “It is believed” or “Reportedly,” so as to maintain a lore-friendly telling of the history while resulting in a higher quality mod. 

Our People, Vol. 1-4 (Somewhat lore friendly)

These books are meant to describe the culture of the Reachmen, taking into account their history and religion as the two defining factors of their people. Greater creative liberties were taken in the writing of these books to fill in the gaps left by the developers. We are given bits and pieces of their culture as it relates to that of the Nords, but largely, we are left in the dark. In order to present a realistically complex and interesting culture, greater expansions of the lore were necessary in this series. 

Religious Texts: Prime Rituals, Lesser Rituals of the Marses, Lesser Rituals of the Sicambres, The Old Gods, Ancient Rituals (Somewhat lore friendly)These books are meant to describe the religious practices of the Reachmen, taking into account all available information that we have in the vanilla game which, sadly, is not very much. I took the gods that we know for certain the Reachmen worship, cross-referenced that with what we see them doing and saying in the vanilla game, and further cross-referenced with the various sources of lore we have from other games and from official sources such as Zenimax archives. Still, a fair amount of creative liberty was taken in the writing of these books in order to form a pantheon of The Old Gods, and how they are worshipped by the Reachmen in particular. 

How to play with this mod

As of now, this mod is a work in progress. The 12 books as listed are complete but are not placed anywhere. To read them, open the console and type: 

help “peerless lore”

This will show you the code for cheat container, which contains all the books. Type into the console:

player.placeatme XXXXXXXX

Replace the XXXXXXXX with the 8 digit alpha-numeric code that is shown for the Barrel of Peerless Lore. When you have taken what you want from the barrel, open the console, click on the barrel and type:


If the barrel doesn’t disappear, you probably clicked on a lighting or particle effect. Without clicking on anything, type:


to make the effect reappear. Reposition yourself, getting as close to the barrel as possible, and try again. 

To check out the incomplete cell this mod adds as of Version 0.5, type into the console:

coc FBPlibrariancave

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97714

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