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Adds the foodstuff known as wasabi. Traditional combat drug of the 500 Companions. Guaranteed to have you biting every shield from here to Old Atmora in no time. Craftable. Buyable. Not responsible for any side effects experienced

Fortifies block, heavy armour, one & two-handed, stamina. And also…one other effect.

Aspiring shield-biters can make their own Wasabi at a cooking pot with 10 nirnroot, 1 salt, and 1 garlic. 

Can also be found anywhere that KYWD: VendorItemFood & KYWD: VendorItemPotion are sold.

5 are found in-game: 2 in Sinderion’s Field Lab in Blackreach, 2 in the halls of the Companions, and 1 at the foot of the statue of Ysgramor in his tomb.

“Eventually, Huggert the Wrinkled Unto Unreadable, one of our Clever Men, made sure that the hunters remembered to occasionally hit one another out of the blue, or make lewd jokes of their respective wives or mothers or sons that had not yet shown promise, and steal and hide the shoes of their fellows, and to line the rims of their shields with wasabi so that, when they bit them, that they might ignore all happiness in fits of burning nose and choked throat.”

–Seven Fights of the Aldudagga

After the Disaster at Ionith and the retreat of the Cyrodilic navy back to Tamriel, there was little reason for the Empire to keep either resupply stations or legion garrisons in Cathnoquey. That changed with the discovery of “the Wasabi Run,” a trickle of shoals and small islets whose every available surface had been cultivated in swirling garden crops of a tibrol-based wasabi. Wasabi is as lucrative a trade in Skyrim as skooma is to the hinterlands of the south and east, with the added benefit of actually being legal.

–PGE (Pocket Guide to the Empire) 2E

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