Lost Dwemer Repository – Player Home with Dwemer Displays

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                                  So.. What in the name of Kagrenac is it?

A small but well-equipped and easy to get to (via its own teleport spell) player house in a Dwemer Repository cube with open glass windows wedged in-between two huge ice canyons in an unknown inhospitable location. It has lots of storage, named and non-named – all which is safe to use to store items. Also there is a small miniature tower in the repository you can actually live inside of. But more that being just a player house, it has placers for most of the cool Dwemer artifacts, weapons, armour, decoration items etc. The mod also adds a new reason to delve into those dangerous Dwemer ruins. A perfect house for characters interested in or researching the Dwemer.


    [*]Custom crafting station for smelting (almost) all dwemer items and for creating the new items added by this mod.

    [*]Collect dwarven ingots* (or smelt your dwarven junk) to make Small or Large Display Schematics, Dwarven ingots chests, Armour sets and more.

    [*]A working Decontamination Shower for curing disease and giving a slight stamina boost (just open the doors, turn the shower on via the valve and step inside!)

    [*]Advanced dwemer warp-grid system – allowing teleportation to all hold capitals including Raven Rock

    [*]Display placers for most of the cool dwarven items in-game (including weapons, books, urns, pots and custom displays which you will need schematics for)

    [*]Some of the displays; Steam Centurion, Crossbow, Ballista, Full Dwemer Armor Set, Astrolabe, Telescope 

    [*]Lighting is dynamic and changes dependent on the time of day.

    [*]Teleport spell to the repository that will return to original location on its next use (great for when you get full of junk in the depths of a dwemer ruin)

    [*]A miniature tower that you can shrink down and live inside! Just tinker with the mechanism  by the model tower to be shrunken down and access it. This is where the smithing equipment is. Your followers can come with you too.

    [*]Alchemy area, Enchanting area, Smithing area, Storage Area & Office – all storage is non-respawn so safe to use.

    [*]Your very own dead Thalmor Justiciar! (corpse is removable) with a journal next to him, seems like the Thalmor found out how to access this repository already. But it seems he never managed to send his report back to the Thalmor HQ…

* = How do I get so many dwarven ingots for the Display Schematics you may ask? The Dwemer crafting station in the centre of the repository allows you to smelt all of the mundane items lying around in Dwemer ruins, including stuff that previously couldn’t be smelted (urns, pots, cutlery etc) – so yes, now you have a reason to collect these. Even after you have completed the displays you may use leftover ingots to create Dwemer Ingot Chests which will sell for more than the ingots themselves (can be turned back into ingots if required). You can now also create Dwarven Armour Sets, Cutlery sets and Decoration sets which again sell for more than their component parts (balanced)

                             Q & A

Q) How do I get there??

A) The spellbooks for the teleportation spell are scattered in the depths of Dwemer ruins, but rumour has it Calcemo found one and has it on display in his Dwemer museum in Markarth (he probably won’t part with it so bring a lockpick!) – If you are impatient and used the console to get to there no worries, there is also a spellbook on the table inside the repository. See the pictures for a few hints as to where the spellbooks are in dwemer ruins..

Q) What is the point in this mod??

A) Despite being a player house this should hopefully add a new reason to collect all that dwemer junk and the new items will help you make some gold from it. The point originally was just to make a suitable themed house and something to do for my Dwemer researcher after he finished the Dwemertech mod’s quests.

Q) Can this be ported to Special Edition?

A) Not by me sorry, I can barely run Skyrim original – however others are welcome to port to SE but please send me a message before uploading.

Can you make a DwemerTech version?

A) I was debating making a version with placers for the awesome new items added by the DwemerTech mod – but I ran out of room in the repository, maybe in a future version if anyone else agrees with me that this would be a good idea.

Q) I am using a low-spec abacus, will I suffer from low FPS here?

A) I am using a laptop with on-board graphics (I know, I know) and I am not noticing any slowdown at all – so hopefully it should run fairly well on even the oldest laptops and PCs that can run Skyrim adequately.

Q) I am using a ex-Nasa supercomputer, will it look good?

A) I have used vanilla textures which should make it look even better with high-res texture overhauls etc – I can only guess what this will look like so if you have a great PC, please post a few screenshots or even a video! It will be much appreciated.

Q) Help! My followers teleported with me to the cube but have vanished after I used the warp grid to teleport to a hold.

A) They will find their way to you just wait an hour – there is a hidden follower-only door from the cube to Tamriel.

Q) I used the teleport spell during quest dialogue and broke the quest!

A) As with any teleport spell try not to leave an area during dialogue or it can screw up the quest, revert to an earlier save if this does happen with this or any other teleport spell.


Should be compatible with other mods as the house is in its own cell, however if another mod edits the Dwemer Museum or the dwemer ruins that contain the spellbooks its possible they won’t be there. You can always add the spellbook via the console if required though – just type help “repository”  to get your item ID for the spellbook then player.additem xxxxxx 1   – the x’s being your item id.

Future Updates

It seems to be working fine at my end but will be squashing any bugs that arise – or anything that doesn’t work as intended.

Future Mods in the works

    [*]Secret Knowledge of Apocrypha (personal realm + player house with museum and new artifacts to collect & display for Hermaeus Mora’s personal amusement) Almost complete

    [*]Darkwater Hall – Exterior House (small/medium sized lore-friendly player house – proper windows in the main house as its in an exterior cell, watch the miners go about their business at the Darkwater Crossing camp. Lots of features so far, nearly done)

    [*]Dragonbridge Palace (my version of the ultimate fully-featured player house, only exterior done atm – massive project though)

    [*]Lost Dwemer Growroom – over 120 (I think) planters for growing crops – yes it took ages linking all those up – functioning but needs tarting up a lot

    [*]Daedric Artifact MuseumFed up with just sticking your much-heralded daedric artifact on some wooden rack like a common iron sword? Store your Daedric artifacts in style in their own custom display areas relevant to their diety and quest. Displays appear as the relevant quest is completed. 

                              Dwemertech - awesome quest mod with tons of very cool new dwemer items and statics, highly recommended

Bluthanch – tiny dwemer house using some of the awesome Dwemertech deco, great as a research outpost. And its by Elianora so you know its going to look great.

This mod is and always will be free. If you see it uploaded anywhere but here or the Steam library please let me know.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95865

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