LS-300 Assault Rifle Re-imagined

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LS-300 Assault Rifle

Description: This mod is an updated version of the LS-300 (original mod found on Steam – linked below). What it does is add a new crossbow type weapon that looks and acts as a gun in Skyrim. This version is pretty different than the one on Steam. The gun is now semi-automatic (nerfed the damage a bit for balance) with muzzle flash and explosive rounds. Also, you can’t just get it in a barrel in Riverwood anymore, it needs to be crafted with 10 steel ingots. The ammo costs 2 steel ingots for every 10 rounds you craft. In the smithing menu the ammo appears invisible and there’s no quiver/magazine showing like in the original mod, but when fired a small bullet can be seen exiting the barrel. The reason I took away the quiver/magazine is because in the original mod, for some reason, it was stuck floating at the player’s feet and I couldn’t get it to look right.

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Thanks for letting me upload this y’all, I appreciate it.


Installing this mod is easy. Just drag and drop the files in the folder named “Data” into your Skyrim/Data folder and you’re good to go. I recommend using a mod manager instead, though, because you can skip the bs and it’ll install the mod for you. Also be sure to run Loot after installing to get your load order in check so everything can run smoothly.


Let me know of any problems you encounter with this mod or any suggestions you have! Hope y’all enjoy. Also, feel free to upload pictures and videos of the mod. I’d love to see them!

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