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“No one would have believed in the last years of the Fourth Era that Tamriel was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences more ancient than men or elves.  They regarded this world with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us…”

     Play as the last survivor of a wrecked  experimental aether flyer from Masser,  Tamriel’s largest moon.

“The great aether flyer neared the surface of the world which had loomed in the sky forever; neared it unseen, and unsuspected.  But then an explosion tore through the mother ship, crushing it into the side of a mountain! When you recovered consciousness, the wreckage of the flyer was buried under tons of rubble.  Yours had been a world of cold deserts, canals, and airships.  Now you must find a new life on this primitive planet.  Perhaps you can salvage supplies from the aether flyer crash site, and find information to help you reconstruct advanced Lunar technology.”

The Masseran Race mod introduces a new character race, visually similar to Dark Elves but significantly different in their abilities.  They excel in technical skills.  Some Lunar technology will become available, including firearms, new swords, and light armor.

I recommend adding Deapri’s excellent “Airship Dev Aveza” mod, which fits well with the “Martian canals” fantasies on which the Masseran Race mod is based:

Before installing Dev Aveza, be sure that you have installed SKSE 1.7.3     The controls won’t work properly without it.

Installation:  copy the MasseranRace .esp and .bsa files into your Skyrim Data directory, and activate them.

Uninstalling:  deactivate and delete the MasseranRace files, then begin a new game – characters and equipment built using this mod will be unavailable.

Requires:  Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and SKSE 1.7.3

The armor and clothing include a face mask:  Face Masks of Skyrim, by volvaga0    Used by permission.

Firearms are adapted from  Project Flintlock Rifle, by ghosu    This material has been released for use.

The Lunar Warblade is adapted from  Muramasa Two-handed Katana with Scabbard, by abakus    Permission has been granted for use.

Credits, and my thanks, to:  volvaga0, ghosu, abakus

This mod was inspired by the canals of Mars:  with special appreciation for Percival Lowell, who tried to make sense of what he saw through the telescope; and for the fantasies of H. G. Wells, Leigh Brackett, Ray Bradbury, and others, who took the idea and ran with it; and for Frank Chadwick’s game series “Space: 1889”

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