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[font=Georgia]Luscious Locks For All!

Unisex KS Hairdos



Personally, I’ve always been a fan of long hair for guys, and I don’t think I’m the only one. This ‘mod’ simply edits the esp files from KS Hairdos Renewal and KS Hairdos HDT Physics to make all the hairs from both unisex. Just overwrite the original esps and presto, your men can finally have the flowing locks you’ve always dreamed about. The original mod files are required.

Be warned though, these hairs were not made for the male head OR body, so there are quite a few that will never look good on a man simply for the fact that half his skull clips through, or the majority of the length of the hair disappears into his chest or back. I’ve found that the browridge of male Altmer is a particular pain in the butt when it comes to clipping. That said, I’m shocked by how great some of these look on men, which is why I’ve decided to share. Seeing as there are literally HUNDREDS of hairs in KS Hairdos alone, I’ve not posted images of even a fraction of the hairs available, so if you find something that looks great on your guys, feel free to add your own images. 🙂

[/font]Now while my poor mouse hand did most of the work of switching them to unisex, the real credit naturally goes to the astoundingly talented Kalilies and Stealthic Khaos, without whom Skyrim would be a much less fabulous place. 😀

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