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[font=Comic Sans MS]Lydia was just 11 years old. The tears flowed as she watched her Father beat her Mother in drunken rages. She would fall asleep to her Mothers soft cries and wake to do chores such as gather berries for the homemade Mead. By the ripe age of 16, she developed a hatred for her Father. The years of abuse had taken a toll. One night in the cold winter, she stabbed him with a knife she had found in the woods by their cabin. Her Mother weak from illness sent her to Whiterun with hopes someone would help. Lydia a shy teen, yet defenseless found work and trained with an unknown vagrant. She was soon discovered by the Jarl and recruited to serve as a housecarl. She still seeks vengeance on anyone that comes in her way for fear and pain are her blood driven quest. 

Who knows if she is immersive or “lore friendly” but she heals the player, herself and other followers and still uses her Sparks spell and other skills such as Melee and Ranged to offer full capabilities. If you don’t want to do any quests then type “help Lydia” in the console to get her NPC ID and then player.placeatme “npc id” 1 and you can recruit her. Her heal staff works better if you pull it from her backpack and into her inventory. 

More details will follow as I progress with this and other versions added. Please be patient. 

Height: 1.0

Weight: 100



Male animations removed[/font]

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