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Name : Lyra

Fighting Style: Battlemage

Armor type preference: Light Armor Perk: N/A Race : Nord Marriable : Yes Location : Bee and Barb, Riften Essential : Yes Voice : Female Young Eager Body types : UNP 

Skin: My custom skin (Pure skin+ Real girls body +Fair skin+Mature skin)

 Weight: 40

Default outfit: Expert mage outfit

Optional skin texture with sharper face detail. (skin pores, wrinkles etc)

Extensible Follower Framework

Female Facial Animation

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul 

Face to face conversation

Bug reporting: When you report a bug, please list down the mods  you use and provide as much information as possible  so I can help you better[/color]

[/size]Please notify me if I forgot to credit anybody 

Add screenshots so I can see how she looks in your game 🙂

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