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[font=Georgia]L Y D I A[/font]

Change Lydia’s appearance to a younger and more delicate version with hair from KS Hairdos Renewal

KS Hairdos Renewal (female only)

To make her look like at the pictures:

Demonized UNP Body

Mature Skin Texture and Body

Wigs for KS Hairdos (non HDT version)

Sporty Sexy Sweat

Antique Dragon ENB

To easily get rid of her vanilla armor:

Amazing Follower Tweaks

Installation guide:

Use NMM to easily install file


Download manually, unpack file.

Place the “HousecarlWhiterun_Lydia_LZ” .esp and “HousecarlWhiterun_Lydia_LZ” .bsa into your Skyrim Directory

(ex. C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonskyrimData)

Remember to activate the .esp in your Skyrim Launcher under “Data Files” and in your Nexus Mod Manager under “plugins”


KS Hairdos Renewal by Kalilies

Wigs for KS Hairdos by montyj (non HDT version)

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