m Female (Breton) Uchiha Race Menu Preset for Mixed Eyes

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Import first the .jslot preset and then the head sculpt otherwise it won’t work, even if you import the head sculpt with the body weight set to 50.

Remember that if you use any altered head mesh like citrus head it won’t work.

Even if you should use it with  Race Menu (I don’t know if tihs works with ECE since I don’t use it), I’d suggest to use the “femalehead.nif” mesh provided by “Enhanced Character Edit[/url]“, but any other head mesh based on the vanilla one should be fine.

Mods Used:

Leyenda Skin Unp for the skin;

Eyes of Aber for the anime black eyes;

KS Hairdos for the hairs (Sky161 in the screenshots);

Solitude NPC for the eyebrows (I think those are from another mod, but the preset file said they were from that esp);

and of course

The Uchiha Clan.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96870

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