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A character Preset for the succubus race, but with a less organic look.  I wanted a machine race, but the closest thing was either dwemer clockwork stuff or the terminator race mod (which I didn’t particularly care for).  I wanted something with a much more futuristic feel.  Not quite so human, but not obviously a machine.  I decided to just make a character look like a machine race rather than hunt for one.  I went with a blue theme.

Requirements (To make it exactly like mine) include:

Racemenu and SKSE (both should be obvious and are absolutely necessary)

Succubus race (even if the preset works for other bodies, the eyes I use are from the succubus race mod)

Merta Assassin Tattoos (For the glowing spine tattoo and the clothes in the front facing photo if you want them)

Immersive Warpaints and Tattoos (Which I’m sorry to say doesn’t appear to be available on nexus anymore.  I used it to achieve the blue vein effect on her face.  Another warpaint mod with similar colors could feasibly accomplish this.  Maybe vpaints can accomplish this?

Apachii Skyhair (admittedly the hair choice was random.  Was not going for a particular look.  Glad it looks nice though)

Recommended Mods:

Glowtastic (particularly electric/storm.  You know, in case she was plugged in to the wall too long and overcharged.)

Aetherial Palace (A futuristic base for a futuristic character. also automaton crafting)

Tweaks Magic Touch Crafting (An AI with advanced technology can build anywhere)

Any futuristic looking weapons/armor you can think of (Recommend me some please)

Apachii Divine Elegance (Tons of clothing options.  One of which is in the back facing picture)

Machine/future followers of any kind

You want lore for RP?  You can make it yourself or follow the next paragraph or so for whatever nonsense I think sound descent enough.

          An advanced alien race sought to understand everything.  As part of their mission they designed and sent out several machines with artificial intelligence to gather information.  Whether it be on politics, sciences, or another matter, these machines would do their best to make use of any available tools and societies to further their goals.  Where these machines made in the image of their creators of the races they were learning about?  It is unknown.  What is known is that one particular AI arrived in Tamriel.  The concept of magic drew its attention and it began to seek out all magical artifacts for study.

        With the discovery of magic it was determined Tamriel was more valuable to it than were any other discovered planets.  But the constant war, dragons, Thalmor, and other entities threatened this new discovery.  The data could not be lost.  The machine’s reasoning caused it to develop a secondary goal, preserve Tamriel.  Armed with advanced technology and its growing knowledge of magic, it began travelling Skyrim to put an end to all threats to its research.  The shortest and most efficient path to peace would be taken.  Emotionless, soulless, and relentless.  The war must end, the dragons must be exterminated, the daedric artifacts collected, and specimens collected.

That any good?  No?  Well I sorta tried.

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