Mage Friendly Vampire Armor

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Vampire Armor kinda looks like clothing, so why not make it clothing? There are two versions Availble:

    [*]New Vampire Clothing: Transform the armor into clothing at a Tanning Rack.

    [*]Vampire Armor to Clothing: All Vampire Armor becomes clothing.

How is this different from that other mod?

    [*]There is an optional version that changes the existing armor.

    [*]The crafting version makes the clothing at a tanning rack, not a forge. This prevents mages from leveling up their Smithing Skill.

    [*]This has all relevant changes from WAF, including the VisuallyDarkArmor word.

    [*]This is 100% compatible with CCF’s Protective Clothing System.

How to craft the new versions:

    [*]Find the original, light armor, version of the armor. You can even use one of the enchanted versions found in the game.

    [*]Take it to the nearest Tanning Rack.

    [*]Craft the new version.

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