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This is a mage race also i did some secret tweeks to the race u just have to find out what they are

it has level 100 in all magicka and in enchantment and potion making

i made some jokes here and there in the description of the race and the abilities

No it doesn’t come with any magic other then what you pick (i use skyrim unbound alternate start mod to pick my magic)

but if u dont have any thing like that it will come with basic nord magic I THINK….it’s deff a nord magebut the race ability are different 

in some ways it has almost all the other race abilities but i renamed what i could but in the menu in game has the same name but the abilities will have different name some what just look at the screenshots you will understand.. and NO i also didn’t give no perk points you have to do some things for yourself don’t you think. this race also has full customization (vanilla of course)

basically it’s just a race overhaul all it is when u get down to it.. so use other mods ect with it.. that will be fine and dandy

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