Magic Shield Wards – Vanilla and Requiem

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I never liked how the wards in Skyrim function, and the existing mods never quite satisfied me (I like to hide behind a magic bubble as long as i have the magicka to maintain it), so i finally made my own version of a ward overhaul.

-Wards now block most incoming health damage with your magicka

-Wards have a high chance to stagger attacking enemies in melee range

-Wards will now make you immune to stagger effects while active

This mod uses some light scripts, which will fire when hit while casting a ward. If you already experience low framerates in combat and/or script lagging, you might want to skip this.

Requiem Users:

This mod was made for version 1.9.4. Im not quite sure what was changed in newer versions regarding wards, but this mod might just work fine. The Novice Ward (Rank I) was renamed to Anti-Magic Ward and will function like a vanilla ward, but with a much better capacity. It will stay useful throughout the game. The next three Ranks of Wards will function as described. They might be overpowered in the lategame, but probably less so than most spells.

Vanilla Users:

This mod was made with the requiem overhaul in mind and might be overpowered in vanilla skyrim. Please report any heavy balancing issues.

This mod does not change visuals. To make your wards look like in the screenshots, you’ll need the following mods:

Strange Runes[/url] by powerofthree

Holy Wards by Banjobunny

This mod was mainly inspired by Dynamic Ward[/url] by FalloutGamer and Better Wards[/url] by renketsu0. Check them out if you don’t like parts of this mod, as it’s pretty much a combination of those two.

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