Magical Frost Chillrend

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[font=Arial]First of all, this mod is based on [/font][font=Arial]superduperpooperscooper’s mod [/font][font=Arial]Chillrend – How it should have been.[/font]

I’m happy to present to you: “Magical Frost Chillrend

This is a texture and mesh replacer for the artifact Chillrend.

It uses the Glass Greatsword model scaled down to the size of a 1h sword.

But what is important is that now, Chillrend will actually look like a mythical frost magic imbued sword.

It now has an icy blue color that glows, but it’s not too over the top or disturbing to the eyes.

The sword also retains most of it’s glowingness (is that a word?) even in pitch black environments.

The mod also contains meshes for the left sword to be fully compatible with Dual Sheath Redux.

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