Magnificent Riften Door Replacer

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[font=Tahoma]Magnificent Riften Door Replacer


4K and 2K textures available

I had this lying around for quite a while already as I started it right after my mod Magnificent Riften Mistveil Keep Door.

The big gates for Windhelm and Whiterun came in the way and had to be finished first.

This mod replaces the door used on all the houses in Riften, the door used in the Ratway, the interior door and the main gate.

For the three doors I made completely new meshes in Blender, for the main gate I just slightly adjusted the Vanilla mesh.

The main gate uses the same wood material as you may already know from my Whiterun gate as I thought it also fits perfectly for Riften.

The Ratway door features the Riften logo on the top. Also I rounded out the arch of the Ratway door, as the Vanilla one was really blocky.

For the house door I went for a rough and simple style.

The interior door was quite hard to create as it always looked totally different with the interior lighting, especially the colors.

But now I really like it, it’s almost my favorite door of this set, I love the moss growing into the wood 🙂 [font=Tahoma]Installation & Compatibility


I highly recommend MO2 as mod manager.

This mod is automatically compatible with Open Cities.

The mesh for Open Cities is always included as it doesn’t hurt if you don’t use Open Cities.

Of course you have to allow it to overwrite Open Cities.

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