Main Menu Replacer – Dark Souls Style – with Music and Sounds and moving Particles

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[font=Georgia]Dark Souls Main Menu

Changes the Appearance of your Main Menu from boring to interesting.

Moving Particles,Dark Souls Music Theme and activation sounds are all included.

You can optionally remove the Bethesda Icon in the left by using this Mod:

No Bethesda Logo in Menu

It doesnt take a plugin slot and can be added/removed without any impact on any time.

Here is the difference between Logo/no Logo:

With Logo:

Without Logo:

I prefer without Logo


Just use your favourite Mod manager and activate the Mod. You can activate/deactivate at any time without any consequences,means no savegame bloat or whatever.

The Creation of this Main Menu was heavily inspired by the also just added Main Menu from User MajorRoyMcCalluster

He has created some very nice Main Menus too,be sure to check them out!

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all added Sounds are owned by Bandai Namco/FromSoft. I have merely put them into another good use here.I do also own legal copys of all 3 DS Games including DLCs,Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

I also wont accept any money for this mod,thus donations for it are disabled by default.


Bandai Namco


Bethesda Softworks

Nexus Mods

MajorRoyMcCalluster for Inspiration

some random dude for adding Particles to his mod,which i could modify to add an Ember effect

Someone in the web for that Wallpaper,which I modified to look how it does now


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