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Make All The Things is a comprehensive crafting mod that adds over 500 crafting recipes to native Skyrim/Dawnguard/Heatherfire/Dragonborn items that were hitherto without them. Examples include Clothing (robes and tunics, boots, gloves, hats and hoods, etc.), Clutter and Decorative Items (dishware, pots and pans, tools, bug jars, and much more), Spell Scrolls (including the 20+ scrolls that do not appear in unmodded Skyrim because they’re not included in level lists), Drinks and Food (including most non-unique beverages, as well as foods that have no recipes like cheeses, grilled leaks, crème treats, etc.), Specialty NON-ENCHANTED Weapons and Armor (including faction-specific gear, as well as items that don’t drop in an unmodded game), and much more.

This mod DOES NOT include recipes for unique items, daedric artifacts, enchanted items (with only a few exceptions), quest items in instances where the ability to craft such items would trivialize the quest (again, with only a few exceptions), potions, or books (although books may be included at a later date if there is demand for them, with the understanding that there are as many books in the game as there are recipes added by this mod, so it would take some time). Thieves’ Guild trophies ARE included, but the item you must possess in your inventory to unlock them is only available to you AFTER you have gone through the entire Thieves Guild questline).

In order to prevent “crafting menu clutter,” each recipe added by his mod has specific conditions that must be met for it to show up. Generally, this condition is limited to nothing more than having one primary ingredient in your inventory (for example, possessing one clay (HF) in your inventory unlocks pottery recipes at the oven crafting station, one iron ingot unlocks basic iron clutter recipes, one mountain flower in your inventory unlocks a linen wrap recipe (do a Google search for “flax” and you’ll see why I chose mountain flowers), one glass unlocks glassware items at the smelter, one straw unlocks baskets at the tanning rack, one linen wrap unlocks most cloth clothing at the tanning rack, one leather unlocks boots/gloves/certain headware at the tanning rack, one deer pelt unlocks fur armor at the forge, etcetera). However, specialty gear like faction-specific weapons and armor may have additional requirements such as a specific smithing perk, or a specific faction-specific item in your inventory (examples include Potion of Blood for vampire-themed gear and items, the book “The Rise and Fall of the Blades” for Blades gear, or the key/deed to a specific player home in order to craft your homeland’s guard armor/helmet/shield (SPOILER ALERT: a comprehensive list of the requirements can be found at the very bottom of the description EDIT: COMING SOON).


Skyrim and all its DLCs (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn), or Skyrim Legendary Edition


This mod doesn’t change any vanilla/DLC records, nor does it add any new items to the game database or make any changes to worldspaces or cells. It simply adds new crafting recipes that should stack alongside any other new crafting recipes added by any other mod. As such, this mod SHOULD be compatible with everything, so long as other mods don’t change form ID numbers of ingame items. There may be, however, duplicate recipes for the same items, and extensive overhauls might make recipes from this mod seem illogical and/or trivial/impossible. At the very worst, you might end up with recipes that never appear or cannot be crafted.

Preliminary testing indicates this mod is totally compatible with USLEEP. For example, USLEEP fixes the issue with deer and elk having two different items which are both called deer hides, but fortunately the form ID number remains the same for at least one of them, so deer pelts can still be “crafted” using deer hides with USLEEP loaded. USLEEP also puts a lot of weapons and armor in the proper places on crafting menus, which will prevent some of the gear from showing up under “Miscellaneous” at the forge. As far as CCOR and CACO, I cannot attest to the compatibilty of this mod with those, because I don’t use them, but in theory it should be fine.


Either install with Vortex, or download manually and place the ESP file in your Skyrim/Data folder. To uninstall, simply delete the Make All The Things ESP file (or move it to another folder). It’s considered good practice to not install/uninstall mods in the middle of a playthrough, but because this mod does not make any changes to the game’s core files (it only adds “constructible object” records that are linked to existing ingame items), it should be fine to do so.

Load Order

Again, because this mod only adds new records that usually cannot overwrite or be overwritten by anything else, load order shouldn’t matter.



The developers of TES5EDIT, the administrators of and various Elder Scrolls/Skyrim wikis

The Skyrim modding community

This mod is free in perpetuity, and uploading it to other websites for monetary gain is strictly prohibited. That said, I give full permission for others to utilize this mod in their own mods with any changes/additions/omissions they see fit, so long as proper credit is given and no attempts are made to profit from this work.

This mod was made ENTIRELY with TES5EDIT.

SPOILER ALERT: Make All The Things Crafting Requirements

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