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Why:  (why)

  Well,I’m not an addicted guy that likes drugs,and will never do. But in skyrim, I never have my character ACTUALLY addicted.I want to roleplay some kind of sick and morbid character,but found out there was no such mod to make Skooma addiction actually count !

(While there were many mods that do the work, but I just didn’t get satisfied!)Here’s the fairly simple mod that changes the vanilla Skooma effect.

Beware,it is simple tweaks, but now the Skooma really counts! If you take one, you might have to continuously buy and take them. 


1. Taking a Skooma will now have a blur vision for 60 seconds.

2. You will start feeling dizzy in the first 10 seconds, the world around you become faster while you’re acting slower.

3. Then the positive potion effect that lasts 360 seconds: 

Magika and stamina increased by 150 points.

4. And next,the positive drug’s effect: 

Magicka and stamina regenerate 50% faster.

It will last for 2 hours real-life time.(equals 40 hours in game by default)

5. Finally,the most important addiction effect:

Magicka and stamina regenerate much slower.(-100%)

      Health is reduced.(-50)

 The duration of addiction effect is 86400 seconds, means 1 day in real life,and 20 days in game by default.(timescale 20)

[If you feel it too hardcore,you can use console to “set timescale to 10”.Thus,2 hours will be 20 hours in game,and 1 day will be 10 days in game. Or set the number even less ,if you want.]

6.In short, Skooma now make you stronger for a while, and make you feel good for a day or two, but you will have really bad side effect for many days. 

  To get rid of the side effect, you either sleep in bed or be in jail and wait for a long time, or you might just take another bottle for an easier solution.XD

(Thus the addiction works!)


Compatibility: Anything that dosen’t overwrite or edit the vanilla Skooma (Under [Ingestible]).

It is compatible with mod using scripts such as INeed, the effects will stack.

Installation: Come on, only 1 simple esp, just drop it in Skyrim/Data.Feel free to merge it.

To uninstall: Remove it, it’s save.

If you have any suggestion or want different versions with the numbers altered…use Tesvedit ! It’s simple !

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