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This mod adds several 2k warpaints for mage characters (male and female) who’d like to paint their face without looking like a barbarian.

It currently includes:

    [*]Symbols for all magic schools

    [*]Fire, frost and shock themed warpaints

    [*]Thalmor and Azura themed warpaints

    [*]And one for those who just want some makeup.

You can combine the warpaints with each other, with vanilla warpaints and others in RaceMenu.

Future plans: Hermaeus Mora and Julianos themed warpaints. Body tattoos for mages. A few more warpaints without a specific theme. Whatever other ideas I might come up with. Perhaps improving some of the ones I’ve already created. But I need a break first.

You need SKSE[/url] and RaceMenu to use this!

Thanks to winniewryan whose RaceMenu Mod Maker saved me a lot of time.

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