Male White Walker Preset

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As the title suggests, this is a preset made to look roughly like a White Walker. Blueish skin tone, white withered hair, glowing blue eyes (which have stopped glowing for whatever reason.  It glowed when I made the character, does not glow anymore).

You’ll see he is equipped with the ebony mail and some matching ebony boots.  Both vanilla.  A nice Stalhrim sword with ice enchantments.  I used the mod “Glowtastic” to give him an ice aura.  I used the mod “Particle Field”[/url] for the equip-able white mist you see in two of the pictures.

For added immersion I recommend thunderchild shouts for more ice based shouts.  Any additional ice or undead army making mods (let me know I’m in the market to find some).  I also used console commands to add him to all Draugr factions, but you’ll have to do that yourself.  And it does make some non-draugr enemies friendly as well.

I of course used the nord race for the increased Ice immunity but should work with any humanoid race (custom and non-custom) to varying degrees.  Obviously more human is better.

I may or may not make a female variation.

I am technically using the SOS male body, but only because I haven’t found a male body I like better yet.  To my knowledge the mod should work just fine without it or with another male body.

To make him look exactly like mine you will also need Mikan Eyes (not sure which one I used.  Maybe this one?)

And Apachii Sky Hair (Obviously the male hairs in this case)

I’m relatively certain Racemenu is required to use presets.  But who doesn’t have racemenu at this point?

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