Males with KS Hairs

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This WIP folks,hoping to get a little user testing with what I have done while starting 2nd phase. Minus the fact that some of the nif files being larger than i’d like I believe i can do roughly 95% of characters, applied process will prohibit a few characters,mostly being non named characters. This mod is played without esp active,dont activate it,no need.

Quick info’s: 

Phase 1: Apply KS Hairs to placed,Nord hair wearing,NPCs. A placed NPC is just as it sounds, they have been physically placed in Skyrim. Best example is to explain a Non-Placed NPCs which is,mostly,bandits,soldiers,guards,some quest NPCs. In my experience with similar mods NPCs that render in without a NPC Editor location seems to be the NPCs that are mostly likely to get borked when having complete hair patched onto them. Most of those NPCs will be able to get patched,that will be last Phase prior to the DLC NPCs.Minus any hiccups that i missed Phase 1 is done.

-As mentioned,some of the hairs I have utilized are too heavy,creates HUGE nifs. I will be changing those hairs out to some degree,leaving them on 1 NPC only,probably.

-This mod currently only needs Skyrim and Update and should be ran without esp. esp for mod should only be active when patching.

-Here is picture for those who are curious as to Placed NPCs and Non-Placed NPCs. Note the count column


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