Mannequin Skywalker

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A character from a mod I’m working on, who is a Jedi mannequin called Mannequin Skywalker (sorry I couldn’t resist), and can be found in the Restless Hunter in Whiterun (opposite the player house).

It comes in two flavours, one for use with Magicka Sabers by Lord Haun, and another for people who don’t have/want to use Magicka Sabers.  The difference between them is just what weapons that come with the follower.  The Magicka Sabers version is equipped with Darth Vader’s lightsaber and Daedric armor (without the helmet), but the no Magicka Sabers has a Daedric sword and shield.  It’s not specially voiced (just uses the “male brute” voice pack), and doesn’t do anything clever so shouldn’t conflict.

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