Manul Khajiit Replacer for SoS

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This mod replaces the male Khajiit head model and the eye/mouth models with remodelled meshes that look more like a grumpy feline known as the Pallas’ cat.

Khajiit NPCs aren’t affected by the new mesh unless you regenerate new facegen data using the CK.

Comes with an SoS-compatible body texture.

Known issues:

Most hairdos will not look right with the new head, especially not the facial hairs. Even helmets will look out of position. Don’t feel like adjusting them all for now.

I also don’t really plan to make a female version, then in my mentality pallas cats aren’t really meant to look feminine 🙂

Consider the assets in this file a modders resource.

List of recommended mods to use alongside this replacer:

Khajiit Wild Eyes

Grimoas Plantigrade Feet for Beast Races

Fluffy Khajiit Tail[/url]


mrLenski – “Coverkhajiits” face texture (modified by me)

ShinglesCat – “SC – Khajiit Improvement” body texture (modified by me)

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