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Follower ZirraLia is a stand-alone follower with custom body meshes and textures and unique eyes. Her hair has a faint iridescent sheen, shifting colors in the light. She is a custom Maormer race with unique skills, and uses a mix of two-handed, one-handed and magic attacks in combat.

She is essential, levels with the player, and can be married. Uses the “dark elf female” voice with a small amount of custom dialogue.
Armor ZirraLia comes equipped with custom armor fitted to her unique body. Using some clever mesh shader tricks, I was able to give all of her gear a subtle rainbow iridescent sheen, reflecting different colors at different angles. This has to be seen in-game to be appreciated!

All of her gear can be upgraded and enchanted if you have the skills, and crafting recipes are included.

Her default unarmored ragged robe can be swapped for an armored cuirass which is hidden in the water nearby when you find her, or can be crafted.
Weapons Custom weapons are also included, which use the same rainbow iridescent effects. True to her seafaring culture, she wields a cutlass and a trident. She will frequently switch between them in combat, and also cast lightning attacks at range.


There is a short introductory quest. You can find her washed up on shore at the extreme Northwest edge of the map. A quest starts when you get close to her. You can revive her, have a short conversation by a campfire, and then she offers standard follower dialogue from that point on.

Hint: If you don’t want to waste a lot of time exploring the edge of the map and searching the beach for ZirraLia, you can open the console and type:

coc 0ms

This will teleport you right next to her and start the quest.


The Maormer, also known as sea elves or tropical elves, are a race of mer who inhabit the exotic island nation of Pyandonea, to the Southwest of Tamriel. They are thought to be close relatives to the high elves, but are distinguished by their very pale skin which seems to change colors in the light, and their striking white eyes.

Maormer sailors were once feared throughout the Southern kingdoms for their frequent raids on merchant ships and coastal settlements, and their formidable armada attempted several times to invade and conquer the elven kingdoms of Summerset and Valenwood. Maormer sailors were unrivaled in skill, and Maormer mages were known for summoning storms and commanding huge sea serpents. On land, their forces did not fare as well. After their attempted invasions suffered many defeats at the hands of their elven cousins, the Maormer retreated back to Pyandonea, where they have kept the peace and remained largely isolated from the rest of the world for centuries. At present they are a rare sight on the mainland, but Maormer trade vessels still visit coastal cities, and Maormer sailors seeking new opportunities are seen as valued additions to any ship’s crew. ZirraLia was a particularly adventurous Maormer sailor who recently joined a privateer crew as a hired deckhand, hoping to see more of the world. Things took an unfortunate turn when her ship strayed too far North and got caught in a fearsome gale in unfamiliar waters. The storm took the lives of her shipmates… but the sea cannot so easily kill a sea elf…

Note: This mod assumes your character has heard of sea elves but never met one before. This could be weird if you’re playing a Maormer character (I know there are a couple mods for this), but should make sense otherwise.

Another note: This mod is based heavily on established lore from Elder Scrolls Online, but I did take some creative license. Skyrim takes place hundreds of years later. The best info I could find said the Maormer are pretty much keeping to themselves by that point, but they’re not gone. ESO uses blind eye textures to represent the Maormers’ “spooky white eyes,” but the scientist in me says “eyes need pupils to work!” so I made my own very pale eye textures with very small pupils.

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