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I was looking for a easy way to enable the map markers I wanted i.e. cities and town at the start of my play through.

 I found a mod that allows you to go find maps to reveal markers but that was to involved for what I wanted… I couldn’t find anything else so I came up with this…

 A simple batch file that allowed me to Set Map markers for found and fast travel to main Cities, Towns and Tavern and a few other places of interest [optional]

 This does not add any new markers these are just original locations.

 To change what is activated open the file (notepad will do) and comment or uncomment the ones you want or don’t want.

 Originally I’ve set it up for Cities, Towns and the 3 Inns outside of those.

 Just extract the text file into your main skyrim directory, that is the one where skyrim.esm is.

 I don’t know what a mod manager would do with it so manual download only.

 To use open up the console and type “bat mapmarkers” without the quotes.

 You can also rename the file to whatever you like.

 If all you want though is all map markers just use TMM.

 Does not include any DLC locations.

 Is this a cheat?

 Well some consider the standard fast travel to be a cheat… so you decide whether to use this or not 🙂

 I believe this work’s for both Skyrim and Skyrim SE as is… so releasing it under both to make it easy it find.

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