Marika – a mature preset for Racemenu

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For getting her look exactly as in my screenshots[/font]

    [font=Trebuchet MS][*][Skin] If you wanna same face effect as the screenshots, you shall check the boxes of the following in the install menu (I don’t care about options you chosen for non-face part, but if you need consistency you can choose the similar options for her body in the installation as well):

        [font=Trebuchet MS]
        [/b][/font][*][font=Trebuchet MS]“Mature (blemishes)” in Face age;[/font]

        [*][font=Trebuchet MS]“moles”, “scars” in Face options;[/font]

        [*][font=Trebuchet MS]“Install” in Normal maps.[/font]


      [*][ENB] BLEAK ENB – UNBLEAK ENB. I am using the unbleak one. 

      [*][screenshot] Aether Suite[/url]. I’m using the shadow rooms for the best lightning on her face.             



        [*][font=Trebuchet MS]The beret is DE Dandelion Black Hat from Apachii Divine Elegance Store;[/font]

        [*][font=Trebuchet MS]The jacket is De Cowboy Clothing from Apachii Divine Elegance Store;[/font]

        [*][font=Trebuchet MS]The amulet is Lost Inside Necklace from Lean Lilith Jewelry[/url].[/font]

      [font=Comic Sans MS]Enjoy and don’t forget sharing your screenshots![/font]

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