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This is my first time trying to make a standalone follower, as I’ve only released presets for Racemenu before. If you found any issues on this mod, please don’t hestinate to report them, and I’ll try my best to fix them as soon as possible.

Attention: all the armors/cloths involved in the screenshots I uploaded are not included in the mod. You may find their names below, in the Credits section.

You may find her Racemenu presets Here:

[font=Trebuchet MS]=====================================================================

Name: Marika

Race: Nord

Level: She levels with the player

Marriagable: Yes

Age: 39

Location: J
orrvaskr Basement



[font=Tahoma]For getting her look exactly as in my screenshots[/font]

    [font=Trebuchet MS][*][Skin] If you wanna same face effect as the screenshots, you shall check the boxes of the following in the install menu (I don’t care about options you chosen for non-face part, but if you need consistency you can choose the similar options for her body in the installation as well):

      [*]“Mature (blemishes)” in Face age;

      [*]“moles”, “scars” in Face options;

      [*]“Install” in Normal maps.

    [*][ENB] BLEAK ENB – UNBLEAK ENB. I am using the unbleak one. 

    [*][screenshot] Aether Suite[/url]. I’m using the shadow rooms for the best lightning on her face.             



    [/font][font=Trebuchet MS]


    [font=Comic Sans MS]Enjoy and don’t forget sharing your screenshots![/font]

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