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This is a port of my same mod from the special edition version which you can find here.

Mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks allow you to summon your followers so you don’t lose them. Some modded followers though, like Inigo, don’t use the vanilla follower system, and aren’t summoned when you summon your followers with AFT, so I made this mod. Never lose track of your friends again!

Use the sf Mark Friends spell to add an NPC to the summon list.  By default, they must like you to be added to the list. Can add up to 128 NPC’s.

Use the sf Summon Friends spell to summon NPC’s to you. Can summon all if you wish.

To remove an NPC from the summon list, cast the sf Mark Friends on the NPC again.

To customize who you can mark, type in the consol: “set sfMinimumRank to x” where x is the new rank, without the quotes. Relationship ranks are as follows:

    [*]4: Lover

    [*]3: Ally

    [*]2: Confidant

    [*]1: Friend

    [*]0: Acquaintance

    [*]-1: Rival

    [*]-2: Foe

    [*]-3: Enemy

    [*]-4: Archnemesis

By default it’s set to 1. Set to -4 to mark literally any NPC.

Taken from the creation kit site found here.


Summoning NPC’s that aren’t your followers has the possibility to break quests. Use with caution with quest dependent NPCs!!


Compatible with all mods.





Extract to your data folder, and check in your load order.


Uncheck in your load order.

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