Marmotte’s Rolaryn – Outrider of Norrath

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by TheWorldofRipX[/url], on Flickr/ pic by Massive Master

A long time ago I had a “make me an intro” contest for my YT channel, The World of RipX. Marmotte made me a kick butt intro for it. He recreated my Rolaryn character in the intro, basing it off his Larentia Preset. It was awesome and many people asked about “The girl in your intro”. I asked about the possibility of Marmotte’s Rolaryn becoming a follower. Marmotte said he was busy but I could go ahead and make it, just give him credit. so after like a year,  I finally did it. all i had was the video (there was no Rolaryn preset) and had to freeball it so i hope Marmotte likes it!

*Rolaryn’s Stats*

Race – Nord

Height – 1 * Weight – 0

Voice – Female Condescending

Essential, Marriageable

Body – CBBE

Hair – SG Hairs – Wildsoul

Skin – Bijin Skin

Eyes – Eyes of Beauty – Bluestar

Armor – Silverlight Armor

Bow – Dragonslayer Steel Bow

Location – Frostfruit Inn, Rorikstead

* all archery perks and healing for herself and others*

TheWorldofRipX[/url], on Flickr

Long before she became the Emerald Maiden, Rolaryn Nimbaru was a wood elf ranger living in the city of Kelethin on the world of Norrath. One day the city was besieged by orcs. The orcs commenced a massive slaughter of the wood elves. Rolaryn’s parents were killed while trying to defend their city. The city’s mage created a portal and instructed Rolaryn to enter it. She quickly did so and was teleported into an alternate dimension. His plan was to teleport her to another city where she would be safe, but that was not to be. The orcs overran the magestemple in Kelethin and killed him before he could finish the location incantation, and the portal closed.

What Rolaryn didn’t know was that the same thing was happening on the world of Norrath in two other parallel universes. Goblins had overrun the half-elf warrior tribe of Kelathon in one world, while in the other the Iksar was attacking the high elves of Kulithin. What Rolaryn also didn’t know was that in both of these worlds, the city’s mage had opened a portal and their version of Ro had also gone. Their mages also suffered the same fate as Kelethin’s. A portal opened in the same location at the exact same time in three different dimensions – As a result the space-time flux threw all three… into Skyrim. Now she and her bow Earthcaller travel Skyrim, looking for adventure.

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Q – it says “before she was the Emerald Maiden” … do you mean the Emerald Maiden from The Gemstone Prophecy?

A – Yes. if you find Mfeile1974’s “RipX’s Emerald” mod, it tells the story of how she became her.

Q – Will you make her with (changes)?

A – At this time, no, but i have some ideas for the future.

Q – Whens the next Gemstone prophecy come out?

A – I’m working on it now. Credits:

Larentia preset  by Marmotte –  

Check Marmotte out at[/url]   

Dragonslayer Bow and Siege Arrows by Skibadaa


Warglaives and Silverlight Armor 099 CBBE by jojjio & Frozzled

The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam

Rolaryn made with  Asher2Asherz’s 2017 make a Follower kit

Get the new 2018 online based version and see his other projects at

[/url]Special thanks to modders Massive Master, Brandiibuck, and NickyXylr for testing and helping to fix Rolaryn’s issues! Love you guys!! Check out their mods here:

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